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Over the Moon

Here's what One Leggers are saying about my work:

"I just love your stories!  They are relevant, short, readable, in layman's terms. I often forward relevant stories to management and executives at my company to keep them abreast of current Cyber Security trends and news."

Karen Frusciante, ONEOK 

"Amazing work! Thank you sooo much Sarah. This project is really demanding for me and it would be hard to get the quality I need without you!"

Marcin Kondrat, Polo World

"Sarah was a pleasure to work with. She listened to our requirements exactly and produced exactly what we were looking for."

Leanne, Voiceover client via Twine

"I have always genuinely loved your style. You have the full package (talent - brain - heart)."

Kat Achtelik, 

"Sarah obviously had a lot of fun recording this horse transformation sequence and is a very talented voice actress. I was going to use a real horse voice for after the character loses her ability to speak, but the horse voices and anguished groans she made proved really useful."

Jarrah White, Independent Comic Book Artist 

"Since we started working together, you are my superstar copywriter. Whenever I need a copywriting job, I first contact you." 

Yusuf Ucuz, Tribe47

"Great read first thing in the morning, the HR jibe had me in stitches... Hope we get more well-written humour like that."

Dave Privett, IntaForensics 

"I've enjoyed SO MUCH reading and going over this newsletter."

Kathia Reindl, AUI Fine Foods

"I was searching for a copywriter to write my weekly newsletter to my email list.  My engagement was average, then Sarah turned my weekly email of speaking tips into clear, concise, interesting and thoroughly engaging content.  My engagement rose and every week I have many people respond to the content either with thanks for the content, buying my products or booking a call.  Sarah is a very talented writer, has reflected my personality in the copy, is punctual and highly professional.  I would highly recommend working with Sarah."

Elaine Powell, 

"Great work! You can obviously produce both straight news and blog-style content and you’ve got some brilliant creative flare. You have a clear and succinct writing style and you are proactive with your work." 

Michael Hill, Infosecurity Magazine

"Thank you for your amazing work. :) The style is perfect."

Marina Zavelion, Tribe47 

"The writing was lovely and you had a lot of good detail." 

Cassandra Alvarez, Ezdia

"The script looks great. Thank you! You are the expert." 

Lauren Phillips, Digitalware 

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